To our loyal Wicked Good Dog family:

It is with heavy hearts that we in inform you that our founder and owner, Michelle Carlin, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this week of a previously unknown medical condition. Michelle has forever changed countless lives with her generosity and encouragement. She frequently expressed her belief that all dogs can be happy and successful when provided with the right environment. She believed this of people, as well. Michelle nurtured and guided her staff professionally and personally, treating us all as a big, extended family.

Michelle’s spirit and beliefs will forever remain at the Foundation of Wicked Good Dog. She cherished each pet family who has been so loyal to us. We honor her by continuing the work she loved so much and the business she put so much dedication into.

As we process the shock of losing Michelle, please know that we are continuing Michelle’s dream of constructing a training center that will be lovingly known as Michelle Carlin’s training center, opening this fall.

We are grateful for the support and kindness of those who share our love for Michelle as we grieve and move through this period of transition.

The staff of Wicked Good Dog

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