Wicked Good Daycare

Not all daycares are created equally. Staff ratios, facilities, and dog handling philosophies range greatly. We encourage you to look around and ask the right questions before choosing who will be entrusted with the care of your furry family member.

At Wicked Good Dog, we believe dog daycare should provide a great day for your dog in as individualized a way as possible. All dog’s needs are different. Some love to watch other dogs play, some like to be in the thick of it. Some have a few good friends and others are the life of the party.  Every detail of our daycare is designed to meet the differing needs of the dogs in our care.

Our staff ratio is higher than industry standards. We maintain a 1:10 ratio when industry standard is 1:15. Our little dogs have their own designated staff person as well. Our manager, Lisa Carpenter, is certified to teach Pet CPR and First Aid and all staff are required to complete the course. We also provide a nationally renowned curriculum to our staff that is a full 16 hours of online learning and additional hours being coached to insure they understand dog body language, their role as play facilitators, how to handle emergencies, and all the policies and procedures we have to insure the safety (and fun!) for the animals in our care.

All dogs are vaccinated for Rabies and kennel cough as well as up to date on all other vaccinations. We also require an annual fecal test to insure worms and parasites are kept under control.

Our transport van is equipped with individual crates for all travelers to insure a safe and relaxing ride to and from daycare.

We have three indoor spaces and five large outdoor play yards, so dogs can be separated by size and temperament. This summer and fall we are building an additional indoor space and renovating the existing indoor spaces. The 9,000 square feet of play yards are designed to allow dogs to make good choices while playing. Dogs love to dig, relax in a den, and climb. We are continuously updating and brain storming ways to accommodate all of these activities.

All dogs are provided with an opportunity to nap and have some down time during the day based on their individual needs. We also provide lunch for anyone who requests it.

Dogs are taught to only relieve themselves outside and we have very few accidents in the inside spaces (usually puppies who haven’t learned the ropes yet). Indoor spaces are sanitized top to bottom daily and bleached one time per week. Outdoor spaces are sprayed down daily weather permitting and a disinfectant is applied weekly all summer long. We pride ourselves on being able to have 45 dogs a day playing and still having a space that does NOT smell like dog!

An unassuming entrance leads to large play spaces and lots of happy dogs.

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