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Dog Training

For all sizes of dogs.

Behavioral Problem Solving sessions: Do you have a manners problem such as jumping on strangers, barking, digging, housebreaking issues, and nipping? These classes may be for you. Consultations in your home or wherever the problem occurs so the dog can learn its manners in the settings you need.

One of the best things that you can do for your loyal family dog is to prepare them for the changes that come with a new baby. A training plan is personalized for each dog and can include; teaching calming behaviors for nap times, solidifying "leave it's" to differentiate between dog and baby items, desensitizing to new equipment and noises, heeling to a stroller, and proper dog to baby introductions. Having a properly trained, prepared dog can decrease the many challenges of parenthood. In addition, as your baby becomes mobile the transition can be difficult for your dog. Reinforcing avoidance techniques, desensitization handling, and safety are just some of the ways in which dogs and toddlers can learn to coexist. Lastly, we are here to make kid and dog relationships the strongest and safest that they can be. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help teach your children how to behave safely around dogs.


Private in-home services

Private on-site services at our Holbrook location $90/hr